About SG Finans

SG Finans is the leading company within equipment leasing and factoring in Scandinavia.

The company's products are marketed under the trade marks Societe Generale Equipment Finance and Societe Generale Factoring. SG Finans is represented in Norway, Sweden and Denmark of which the Norwegian part is the largest.

Local presence through the company's 21 offices in Norway (15), Sweden (4) and Denmark (2) mean short decision-making routes and proximity to the market.

Business concept

SG Finans shall with local presence and an European network, cover the needs of Nordic trade and industry for high-capital equipment, liquidity and administrative services through flexible financial solutions.

Our values

Relations, team spirit, responsability, engagement and innovation.


The Nordic's preferred finance company.


Our owners

SG Finans is a part of Societe Generale Equipment Finance, the leading company within equipment finance in Europe, fully owned by Societe Generale Group, one of Europe's largest financiel groups. Societe Generale Group is represented in 66 countries, with a total of 145,000 employees serving the group's 31 million customers. Its main office is located in Paris.

SG Finans has been sold to Nordea and will merge with Nordea Finans in the second half of 2020, subject to approval by the Norwegian Competition Authority and The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.


Jonas Böös
CEO Sweden

Mattias Jogdal
Head of Sales and Marketing Sweden

Facts and figures

  • 900,5 millions Profit 2019 in NOK

  • 39.6 billions Assets 2019 in NOK

  • 3.95 % Market share Leasing Sweden

  • 272 Employees Norway
  • 42 Employees Sweden
  • 45 Employees Denmark
  • 359 Employees Total


The ethical guidelines for SG Finans shall contribute to awareness of and compliance with the ethical standard that is required in the company.

SG Finans also expects its customers, collaborating suppliers and other contract partners to maintain a high ethical standard and comply with the current legislation and regulations at all times.

The following main principles are laid down in our ethical guidelines:

  • SG Finans shall be recognised by its high ethical standard.
  • All employees and members of governing bodies are covered by the ethical guidelines.
  • Act with respect and consideration.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Communication shall be open, truthful and clear.
  • The company's equipment and property shall essentially be used for work-related purposes.
  • Tidy economy.
  • Be cautious in trading shares and other financial instruments.
  • Maintain the obligation of confidentiality and legal qualification.
  • Maintain the obligation to notify.
  • Any breach of the ethical guidelines may have consequences.


Skilled and motivated employees are a major cause for SG Finans' position as the leading finance company within equipment leasing and factoring. This will also be important for the future.

  • A strong and inclusive company culture based on a well endorsed set of values.
  • Competitive salary, good pension and insurance agreements, including health insurance, share programmes and favourable banking terms.
  • Satisfied coworkers who are proud to work at SG Finans.
  • Internal and external education.
  • Challenging tasks with possibilities of career related and personal development.
  • Balance between work and leisure with flexibel work hours and extra days off.
  • Our own "SG Sport & Social Club" who arrange regular social gatherings.
  • A holiday home programme in Scandinavia and abroad.

Vacant positions